CBC Caring for Children

CBC Caring for Children is a small group that is committed to help support Estado 29. This has been a long-term commitment going back about 35 years. Our commitment is based on following the example Debora Acosta established over 45 years ago. Her inspiration leads us. She had the gift and energy to not only provide a safe environment for the children, but was able to have a healing effect on their troubled souls. We will never be able to match what she did but as a group we try our very best. Our primary focus financially is to provide food and household needs. But as time goes by, other supporting groups drop off and we have had to assume more responsibilities. We visit the orphanage on regularly scheduled trips and spend as much time as we can with the children.

In order to make donations practical, we formed a non-profit corportation, CBC Caring for Children, Inc. The needs are huge and varied.

Every penny we receive goes directly to purchases for the children – 100%. We have no administrative costs. Everyone who helps is a volunteer: that includes buying and delivering food supplies. We use our own vehicles, buy our own gas and pay our own tolls.

Thank you!

Please print the form below and mail to:

CBC Caring for Children, Inc.,
18685 Main Street, Suite 101-116,
Huntington Beach, CA 92648.

Thank you!

Our Zelle username is: admin@cbcchildren.org